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11 Best Islands to Visit in October

There are so many amazing islands around the world that each offer unique experiences and absolutely breathtaking views. Finding just any island to visit is easy; finding the best islands to visit during October takes a little more investigation.

October is a great time to travel, especially to tropical islands that offer a variety of activities, culture, and scenery.

The following is a list of the best islands to visit during the month of October and what travelers can expect during their vacation.


aruba flamingo island

Aruba is probably the most well-known island in the Caribbean and it also is one of the absolute best islands to visit in October. It is the “A” part of the ABC islands.

This island, as previously mentioned, sits right outside of hurricane alley, so hurricanes should not be a concern for visitors, even during the fall season.

Aruba also experiences some of the best temperatures, throughout the year, with an average of 82°F. Beyond that, October falls during Aruba’s offseason which means hotels and travel costs are much cheaper.  

Aruba, along with its amazing weather, also has amazing food options, utterly exquisite beaches, a diverse culture, and a long list of adventures to experience. Tourists can go horseback riding, ATV riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, cave exploring, and so much more.

The currency of Aruba is the Aruban florin, however, the U.S. dollar is accepted almost everywhere on the island.



Bonaire is the Caribbean island that makes up the “B” part of the ABC islands. Just like Aruba and Curacao, Bonaire is an absolutely divine island to visit during October.

Bonaire has almost perfect weather in October and the temperature stays at an average of 82°F. The official language of Bonaire is Dutch, however, English, Spanish, and Papiamentu are also commonplace.

There is so much to do in Bonaire that no one in your group should get bored. Between Jeep tours, spectacular beaches, bike trails, caves, farms, and animal sanctuaries, there is plenty to do in October.

Bonaire is even more popular than Curacao, despite being the smallest of the ABC islands. The country’s currency is the U.S. dollar, which makes things a lot easier for American travelers.



Curacao is one of the best islands to visit during October thanks to its fantastic weather and spectacular scenery. This island is the “C” part of the ABC islands of the Caribbean which also includes Aruba and Bonaire.

All three of the ABC islands including Curacao lie outside of hurricane alley, meaning they do not get bombarded by the large torrential storms that decimate other areas of the Caribbean. Beyond that, the temperature in Curacao during October stays at an average of 83°F.

October falls during the off-season for tourists, so hotels are usually cheaper in Curacao that month.

There is plenty to do in Curacao including scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, hiking, and more.

The Netherland Antillean guilder is the main currency in Curacao, but the U.S. dollar is accepted at businesses throughout the island.

St. Thomas

st thomas harbor

St. Thomas is an island that helps comprise the United States Virgin Islands, which is a U.S. territory. Located in the Caribbean sea, St. Thomas is probably one of the most breathtakingly beautiful islands in the world, especially during October.

St. Thomas is one of the best islands to visit during October because the temperature usually stays between 75°F and 90°F, which makes experiencing the outdoors much more enjoyable.

St. Thomas has a ton of adventures for tourists to experience throughout the year, especially during October.

St. Thomas also has tax-free shopping, so it is the perfect excuse for tourists to peruse the local shops.

The currency in St. Thomas is the U.S. dollar, so there is no need to have cash converted. While there are different dialects, English is the main language spoken on the island.

St. Croix

st corix lake

St. Croix is another ideal island to travel to during October because it offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean. It is one of the U.S. virgin islands and it has gorgeous beaches as well as many amazing sites to see.

The island of St. Croix is known as the only island where divers are able to explore 5 different shipwrecks in close proximity, dive a 13,000 foot drop wall, and experience the biggest living reef that can be found in the Caribbean.

There are ample sandy beaches on the island as well as rocky beaches where snorkelers can explore the coast. The temperature in St. Croix during October averages in the 80s.

While October does fall during the tail-end of hurricane season on the island, there are less crowds and hotel costs tend to be cheaper.

The currency in St. Croix is the U.S. dollar so exchanging is not necessary. The official language is English, mostly spoken with a creole accent.

St. John

st john bay

St. John is a great island to visit in October, especially for those who really enjoy remarkable beaches and less crowds. It may be the smallest of the main U.S. virgin islands, but that tiny fact should not deter tourists.  

In October, temperatures usually stay in the upper 80s during the daytime and hurricane season starts winding down. The island is not nearly as crowded during October and it usually makes for a more enjoyable vacation all around.

St. John is made up primarily of a National Park which really contributes to the nature feel and tranquility that visitors cannot get enough of. There are numerous hiking trails, tons of water excursions and adventures, a wildlife refuge, and an amazing ocean park full of sea life.

The U.S. dollar is the official currency of the island and English is spoken by most residents.


barbados beach

Barbados is another Caribbean island that is popular with tourists and is picture-perfect to visit during the month of October. Barbados is a relatively flat island with temperatures that only vary from 70°F to 88°F during the fall months and is

The weather in Barbados is amazing during October and regular winds make it feel even cooler on sunny days, which is great for the many attractions the island has to offer such as gorgeous beaches, a plentiful forest, Jeep tours, boat charters, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more.

There is also an avid nightlife throughout the year and couples can take romantic cruises on date night.

The official language on the island of Barbados is English, while Bajan Creole is the local language of most citizens. The Barbados dollar is the official currency of is island, although the U.S. dollar is accepted at many businesses.


anguilla beach

Anguilla is an island in the Caribbean that is great to visit in October because it offers just as much adventure as it does authenticity.

The almost 33 beaches in Anguilla are simply beautiful with clear blue-green water and unbelievably smooth sand. Tourists can enjoy private charters, island tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, superb local cuisine, and live music.

The average temperature in Anguilla is 80°F, although in October it skews a little more to the warmer side. October does fall during hurricane season, but it also bring much lower prices for tourists at hotels.

The official currency is the East Caribbean dollar, but it is important to know that many places on the island accept the U.S. dollar.


elounda crete

Crete is a Greek island that is definitely one of the best islands to visit during October because there is so much to do and the weather is amazing. Crete is the largest Greek island in Greece but it is not overcrowded.

There are plenty of beaches to enjoy as well as historical sites like the Zeus Cave and Spinalonga island. Tourists can go on Jeep tours, sea excursions,  boat trips, city tours, and more.

The weather in Crete in October is simply divine, with temperature averaging between 70°F and 79°F. This ideal weather allows visitors to get the most out of their vacation and the water is still warm enough for swimming.

The main currency on the island of Crete is the Euro and the official language in Crete is Greek.


aerial view of maui coast

Maui is a Hawaiian island that is extremely popular and perfect to visit during October. The fall weather is simply perfect, averaging about 79°F, which is ideal for vacationing.

There are several beaches to explore, trails to hike, and watersports to enjoy. Tourists can snorkel, swim, surf, scuba dive, windsurf, paddleboard, sail, and kayak in the ocean.

The cost of traveling to Maui is noticeably less during the month of October than many other months of the year.

Saint Lucia

st lucia sugar beach

Saint Lucia is a an absolutely breathtaking island to travel to during October because it is home to gorgeous beaches, a national park, historic ruins, and a huge forest full of exotic animals.

Located in the eastern Caribbean sea, St. Lucia is a part of the Commonwealth realm of Queen Elizabeth II. It sits between the islands of Saint Vincent and Martinique.

October is not considered peak-season in St. Lucia and the average temperature is around 82°F, making it an ideal time to visit.

The official language in St. Lucia is English and the currency is the East Caribbean dollar, however, the U.S. dollar is widely accepted.

Final Thoughts

Any one of these islands would be ideal to travel to during October thanks to their rich cultures, gorgeous views, and tourist attractions.

Choosing just one of these amazing islands to visit is probably going to be the hardest choice you will make this year.


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