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11 Best Islands to Visit in June

In the Atlantic region, hurricane season typically runs from June to November. So, if you are looking to go on a vacation during this period, you may want to look out for islands or locations with great weather in June.

Of course, beyond weather considerations, you should also verify the fun activities available on the island during your visit.

This article will give you 11 of the best islands you can visit in June.


antigua beach

Antigua is one of the Leeward Islands, a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea. It is located in Antigua and Barbuda and is the main island of the island country.

In Antigua, the wet season typically commences in May or June. But rainfall is usually not very frequent during this time. In fact, it may only rain once in 2 weeks during your stay.

One of the upsides of visiting Antigua in June is the availability. In June, visitors are fewer, and resorts are typically not fully booked. In fact, you should be able to get luxury accommodations at lower rates.

While in Antigua, you may visit one of their many beaches. You could check out Ffryes Beach, Deep Bay Beach, or Fort Bay Beach.

There are many historical sites to visit here. For one, you could see the stunning view at Shirley Heights or go to Betty’s Hope to check out the open-air view of a massive ancient sugar plantation.

You can also go kayaking, snorkeling, jet boating, hiking, and jet skiing. You may attend cooking classes, check out art galleries, go on day & lunch cruises, etc.


aruba beach

Aruba is an island country located in the southern Caribbean Sea, south-east of Florida.

June is one of the months that comes with lower prices in Aruba. It is easier to get lower-priced rooms during this period, and the rooms are less expensive.

Apart from lower prices, June is the month of the Aruba, Wine, Food & Art Festival. It goes without saying, but the combination of food, wine, and art is always pleasant.

While in Aruba, you may go for a swim in Aruba’s Natural Pool or Palm Beach. You can also visit the ancient ruins, go sailing, snorkeling, or take a tour of various sightseeing spots.

Balearic Islands

balearic waters

The Balearic Islands is a Spanish archipelago with four islands. Of the four constituent islands, Mallorca is the largest.

In the Balearic Islands, the weather in June is the best. But beyond that, the islands are less crowded in June, and the resorts are less packed. The upside of having fewer people on the islands is that it is easier to get great deals from the open businesses. The downside is that the beach may look deserted.

Still, having fewer people around means less noise, and you can experience the local culture better. On the 23rd of June, the locals start the Sant Joan celebration – a multi-day celebration.

During the Sant Joan celebration, people fill the beaches with bonfires on the first night to mark the official start of summer. Then the other celebration days are filled with parades and various festivities.

Besides the celebration, you may go snorkeling off the coast of Mallorca. You can go partying at night in San Antonio Ibiza, or you may try out some of the water sports available in Ibiza.


bonaire coast line

Alongside Aruba and Curaçao, Bonaire is one of the three ABC Islands. As with Aruba, it is one of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

June in Bonaire comes with fewer people and lower prices. The temperature is also pleasant as it stays around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

When in Bonaire, you may go windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing, horseback riding, and hiking. If you love ice cream, check out Gio’s Gelataria in Kralendijk for some tasty homemade ice cream.

In Bonaire, you can go flamingo watching, sunset sailing, or mountain biking. Then you may visit the barefoot casino at the Divi Flamingo Beach Hotel for some casino thrill.

Cook Islands

cook islands

The Cook Islands is an Oceanian nation in the South Pacific. It consists of 15 islands distributed over a broad region.

June is one of the least rainy months in the Cook Islands. So, if you go there in June, chances are there would be no rain to interrupt your fun.

Beyond having low chances of rain in June, the Cook Islands offers various fun activities.

From fishing to lagoon cruises, snorkeling, diving, and cultural tours, there is a lot to enjoy on the Cook Islands. Furthermore, the nightlife is engaging. You can also go hiking or try out the cycling tours.



Curaçao is a South American island country, also a Dutch-Caribbean Island. Alongside Aruba and Bonaire, it makes up the ABC Islands.

Curaçao is known for its vast marine life. So, if you want, you may go fishing at one of the fishing charters around.

Beyond fishing, you may explore the pre-colonial structures of Willemstad. You may go swimming with the turtles at Playa Piskado or go hiking at the Christoffel National Park or go diving at Playa Forti.

If you want to see blowholes, you may check out Shete Boka National Park. Then at the salt lakes of Jan Kok, you will find wild flamingos.

St. Maarten

saint maarten beach

The Island of St. Maarten (also Saint Martin) is located in the northeast Caribbean Sea.

While the St. Maarten weather is soft all year, June is one of the months with the lowest rainfall. Hence, it’s a perfect time to visit the island. Besides the weather, prices are lower in June.

While you are out there, you may want to go speeding down the St. Maarten zip line which is the steepest in the world. You may also spend the day at Mullet Bay soaking up the sun, or you may visit Tijon Perfumerie to make your own perfume.

You could also go sunset sailing in Philipsburg or Simpson Bay. Then if you want to chill out and relax, you may visit Loterie Farm.

St. Thomas

st thomas port

St. Thomas is one of the US Virgin Islands. It is known for its bays, beaches, and harbors.

In June, the weather in St. Thomas is mild, and the rainfall volume is relatively lower. Also, fewer tourists come into St. Thomas in June, so hotel rates are lower.

While in St. Thomas, you may visit the Pirate Treasure Museum to learn more about pirate history. You may also go to Mountain Top, the highest cliff on the island, for a spectacular view of St. Thomas and the waters.

You can also visit the 99 steps, check Drake’s Seat, go zip lining, or go to Red Hook. You could skyride to Paradise Point or go swimming at the Secret Harbour Beach Resort.


tahiti beach

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia, which is located in the South Pacific. It is partitioned into two parts: Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti.

Tahiti Nui is the larger part of Tahiti and is located in the northwestern region. Tahiti Iti, on the other hand, is located in the southeastern region.

When you visit Tahiti in June, you get great deals on hotels. But beyond that, June is one of the best months to enjoy outdoor activities and water sports.

Besides being one of the months in which Tahiti has the best weather, June is a great time for water activities like diving and snorkeling.

Additionally, since it is also one of the driest months, it is the perfect period for outdoor activities like surfing and hiking.

Tahiti hosts various events in June like the Orange Festival. Then there is the Miss Tahiti pageant, which takes place on the 22nd of June.

The Islands of the Bahamas

aerial view of bahamas beach

While June comes with some of the highest rainfall in the Bahamas, rain in the Bahamas is generally mild. So, it should not affect your stay.

The Bahamas is an archipelago of over 700 coral islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located north of Florida and north of Cuba.

When you visit the Islands of the Bahamas in June, you get the chance to participate in the Cat Island Rake and Scrape Festival. This festival is dedicated to the Bahamian culture and local music; it is the top festivity on Cat Island all year.

You may also be a part of the Eleuthera Pineapple Festival. This festival celebrates the pineapple fruit, and it features various pineapple-eating activities.

Besides the above, you may go shopping at the Nassau Straw Market, or you may take a tour of Exuma. You may also go bone fishing, visit the casinos on Paradise Island, see wildlife in Nassau, or visit the Nassau Museum.

Turks and Caicos Islands

turks and caicos beach

Turks and Caicos is a tropical archipelago made up of 40 coral islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located south of the Bahamas.

While hurricane season in the Turks and Caicos Islands starts in June officially, the odds of experiencing a storm are pretty low. Only a few hurricanes have hit the islands, and most of them came in August and September.

In June, the Turks and Caicos Islands get plenty of sunshine, and the humidity is also high. However, the rain that comes in the afternoons and evenings often interrupts them.

One of the perks of visiting Turks and Caicos in June is the relatively low prices during the period. Besides that, the region is typically quiet during the month.

Turks and Caicos promises a lot of sun, sand, and sea in June. You get the opportunity to participate in various water sports, including fishing, kayaking, freediving, and snorkeling. You could also take a boat cruise to the Caicos Cays.

Places to visit during your boat cruise include Little Water Cay, Fort George Cay, La Famille Express, West Harbour Bluff, and the iguana island of Bay Cay.

Other fun activities to enjoy on Turks and Caicos include horseback riding at Long Bay, scuba diving, freediving at the Wall, and jet skiing on Turquoise Waters.